Eastlink Sports is the umbrella organisation for all sports based at our sports hub in Hamilton East. We are the largest and only sports hub in Hamilton providing a range of sports and activities to members, casuals, community groups, schools and the general public. All sports aim to cater for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

All sports have a representative on the Eastlink Sports committee and together we foster, promote and look after our sports and facilities.

Eastlink Sports Committee:

Chair: Zoe Toombs (Independent)
Secretary & Treasurer: Kerry Boxell (Eastlink Sports Development Coordinator)
Committee members: Bruce Morgan (Squash), Will Jennings (Cricket), Leticia Murray (Inline Hockey), Ralph Blackburn (Independent), Steve Buckmaster (Tennis), Natalie Blackburn (Karate) and Bruce Irving(Independent).

To contact Eastlink Sports please email or phone Kerry at eastlinksportshub@gmail.com or phone 021 133 4961.